Education  and Training  NE School

Library Resource Pack $15.00
Includes library books and computer programs.
Clothing Pack $25.00
2 x school uniforms, underwear, shoes, 2 set day clothes.
School pack $ 50.00
Includes handmade school desk and chair , school bag, all books pens, pencils .  1 year x 1 student
Education Program $40.00 per child per month.
Includes free education, access to health and nutrition program including hot lunch daily and health program.
Sponsor School Class $ 800.00 per month or $9,600.00 per year
Includes free education for 25 children, handmade desks and chairs, school uniform, teachers salary and all school supplies, access to health and nutrition program including hot lunch daily and oral health program and clothing pack.
Construct Classroom $15,000.00

Community Health and Birthing Centre Program

Community Clean Water Program $ 25.00 per family per year
Includes 20 litre home water container and purified drinking water for 1 year

Hygiene Pack $ 30.00 per school child per year
Includes toothbrush x 4 , toothpaste, towel and soap, and shampoo. Good for 1 child per year

Birthing and Maternity Pack $ 150.00 each delivery
Provide all pre natal examinations and free safe birth including medications, 3 x sets baby clothes and blankets and nappies, new dress for mother and grocery pack for family

Medical and Birthing Centre $5,000.00 per year
Sponsor community health programs, training, pharmacy supplies and all consumables.

Family Farm Development

Help support sustainable livelihood projects through training and partnership  to develop organic model family farms that provide food security and income.

  • Chicken $ 5.00
  • Vegetable Seeds $ 10.00
  • Goat $ 40.00
  • Pig $ 50.00
  • Family Farm Partnership A$ 3000.00

Develop fully operational farm in share farm partnership with selected families.

Noble Women

The Noble Women program identifies the need to develop appropriate projects and product development that are suited to the skills of local Indigenous women.  With training and resources, we aim to generate income that will lead to self funding and greater sustainability for the families and community.

Training program including ingredients to make essential products for home use including soap, shampoo antiseptics etc,

Cookery Classes $ 15.00
Training for indigenous women to cook simple nutritious Filipino dishes includes apron, hair net, menu book, Ingredients x 3 week class

Sewing Kit $ 20.00
Livelihood Training Program including scissors, cloth, needles, pins. Good for 1 woman x 1 year

Noble Women Clothing (Uniform) Pack $40.00
Provide two sets of uniform, including underwear, shoes and hygiene pack including soap, shampoo, tooth brushes and tooth paste and comb. Good for 1 woman x 1 year.

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