We invite you to join Noble Endeavours( NE) in their amazing work with some of the most isolated, marginalized and under-privileged communities on the island of Mindanao, Philippines. Your partnership will allow NE to continue to build and support the ongoing development of sustainable communities in this region and beyond.

Education is a key building block for the Noble Endeavours program with 176 children who previously would never have the opportunity to go to school now receiving a free education and a hot meal every day. As well as educating the children and therefore looking towards generational change we also needed to develop a program that could help people now. Around each sustainable goal of Education, Health and Agricultural Development we have partnered with local leaders and the community to install a water purification system, build a multi-purpose community centre with birthing and medical centre and established an agricultural training farm that helps local farmers and families develop agricultural and livelihood opportunities .

Together we can continue to help break the poverty cycle by equipping the local people to stand for themselves with a long term view of becoming self-generating, self-funding, self-reliant and self-supporting.

Noble Endeavours

Provides a unique partnership to deliver self- funding and self-determining communities
Operates within isolated indigenous communities in Asia, where they deliver education, health services, clean water and economic development and employment.

Our Program offers

Staff and client engagement opportunities and ongoing project updates
Media and PR centric copy referencing your support
Motivational sessions with Ian McKay, CEO and founder Noble Endeavours and Noble Awards

Buy an Award and Get the Reward

Noble Awards Pty Ltd (formerly Harvest at Australia) was founded in 1998 by Ian and his late wife Janice McKay to help support the humanitarian aims by providing support to the sister charity, Noble Endeavours.(30% of net profit was donated in 2010- 2011)

Your company too, can join Noble Endeavours and Noble Awards in their amazing work with under privileged rural and indigenous communities. Every handcrafted Australian award trophy that you purchase from Noble Awards provides a significant donation to this remarkable program.

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