Health facilities including medical and birthing clinics are limited in this region with malnutrition and sickness impeding people’s ability to work, learn and develop a healthy physical body.  In partnership with all levels of government Noble Endeavours has built a birthing, medical and dental clinic located on the ground floor of the community centre.

This will allow the extension of health facilities and education to surrounding villages and assist communities in preventative measures to avoid sickness and disease.

Noble Endeavours also co-ordinates regular medical and dental missions in Datu Sandongan and villages and this program will be extended to include other regions.

A full-time midwife provided by the provincial government is based at the new medical facility with and ambulance service to be added to provide for medical emergencies.

Education is the key to good health outcomes and the Medical Centre provides training in:-

  • Clean Water, proper sanitation and waste disposal
  • Family planning
  • Nutrition
  • Food Preparation
  • Personal and Oral Hygiene
  • Maternal Health (Pregnancy, Delivery, After Delivery (Post partum) care.
  • Food Production and Food Processing
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