Noble Endeavours primary school program is aimed at meeting the needs of Indigenous children who due to poverty and social standing have never had the opportunity to go to school. In 2013 There are now 176 children enrolled up to Grade 5 and the education they receive is free and includes books, school supplies and a nutritious lunch and provides a healthy learning environment for basic skills and creativity. They are also taught oral and personal hygiene and safety.

The Janice McKay Indigenous Learning Centre will continue to provide appropriate adult education and training to compliment economic and community development through programs that meet the needs of the people.

  • Agricultural and livelihood training.
  • Health and nutrition training.
  • Family and social training.
  • Equality of women.
  • Literacy Program
  • Understanding their rights and responsibilities as Filipino citizens.
  • Spiritual and emotional well being
  • Further training on subjects deemed appropriate by each community


The Noble Endeavours School, with some happy & healthy

Since 2008 Noble Endeavours has established a school on 4 hectares of tribal land with 6 classes and over 176 indigenous children receiving a free education and a hot meal every day.
We have provided a purified water system to provide clean water for the children , their families and hundreds of people surrounding the school community and a regular health and dental program for the village.

With your kind and generous support we can continue our mission.

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