Agricultural Management Economic Development

Food security is a big issue for the local community and the goal of Noble Endeavours has always been for the school to be self-supporting and self-sustaining by the introduction of agricultural activities that promote economic development and employment opportunities for the local community

By establishing a model organic farm on 4 ha of land surrounding the school, families were encouraged to work together to help provide a healthy nutritious food source for the school with the School Training Farm now containing vegetable gardens, fruit trees and including chickens, goat house and piggery.

Much of the land in this area remains unused often because the people simply do not have the training or the finances to develop it.

After training and with the support of our Australian donors Noble Endeavours could then offer families the opportunity to partner in developing family farms out in the broader community. This would be a share farming opportunity that would provide ongoing income for each family but also return a share of all produce produced back to the school.

Another problem is that many of the families of the children attending school no longer owned their own land due to their extreme poverty. So helping the people become productive and utilising the available land would help them preserve and protect the land for future generations

This livelihood program includes:

  • Agricultural Field Days where local farmers and residents can freely receive information and training from experts including the Department of Agriculture.
  • Land Redemption Program.
  • To supply good quality planting materials for distribution to local farmers.
  • Breed and supply livestock to expand the farming program to other areas.
    To create environmentally sound farms with emphasis on an integrated farming model that protects and restores the land.
  • Support farmers in developing high yield agricultural products and connect to markets.

Self supporting farming


Establishing model farms in partnership with the community

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