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To our valued supporters,

I wanted to take this opportunity to thank you all for your amazing support of myself and the Noble Endeavours project in Mindanao. To have a dream in your heart and have people believe in that dream, has been a great encouragement to me. With your support, we have, together, been able to prove that you can enable some of the most marginalised people in the Philippines to be self-sustaining and self- determining. Noble Endeavours has been an amazing journey with many challenges that our team continues to overcome with your help.

The heart of Noble Endeavours is to see people have hope and believe that they can have a better life. I hope you enjoy some of the highlights of the program for 2014 and I look forward to continuing to expand the impact of Noble Endeavours with your support during 2015.

There have been some major changes in the way we deliver support to the communities and these changes have allowed us to reach many more people in the five communities. This new approach has resulted in a better, more sustainable model that can be expanded and duplicated.

Best Regards Ian McKay

Noble Endeavour Newsletter March 2015_2

Over the past 6 years the continual refinement of our work in the communities has resulted in a program we call HEALS representing Health, Education, Agriculture, Land Restoration and Sustainability. It is my pleasure to share this with you the highlights of these activities during 2014.

Goal: To provide support to the government health services through Noble Endeavours Family Health Care Information Program

  • Increasing number of pregnant women submitted for quality pre-natal care from 134 in 2013 to 150 in 2014.
  • Increase in women choosing to deliver at the Birthing Centre from 73 in 2013 to 85 in 2014 resulting in zero maternal & infant deaths in five barangays (communities).
  • Increased number of post birth women implementing family planning practises from 263 in 2013 to 278 in 2014.
  • Increased number of fully immunized children from 798 in 2013 to 850 in 2014.
  • Reduction in rates of malnutrition in childrena. 3rd Degree Malnourish cases reduced from 16 to 0 cases in 2014. b. 2nd Degree cases from 143 to 125 in 2014.
    c. 1st Degree cases from 595 to 300 in 2014.

Noble Endeavour Newsletter March 2015_4


Goal: To provide children with an education through a scholarship program & by sponsoring local school programs

• Sponsored education for 191 students in 2014. resulting in zero dropouts amongst students.

• 986 children fed weekly at the local village schools

• Donated 155 chairs, three blackboards plus one computer from the Noble Endeavours School Youth Computer Literacy Program to 5 local partner schools

• Computer room with 14 computers at Noble Endeavours centre open to augment student’s computer literacy education.


Noble Endeavour Newsletter March 2015_5


Goal: To develop consistent supplies of nutritious food for all 5 barangays (communities)

  • FAITH (Food Always In The Home) Training Farm garden planted with golden squash, Ampalaya and other vegetables
  • Purchased 1 cheese type freezer and milk room tools for pasteurisation
  • Development of a Simple Agro Livestock Technology & education programme at Noble Centre Farm
  • Training of families in farming techniques for growing crops & raising livestock.

Noble Endeavour Newsletter March 2015_6


Goal: To provide technical assistance in restoring family land for productive agriculture

  • Planting hedgerows on the 1 hectare farms to prevent erosion of top soil.
  • Use cuttings from the hedgerows and goat manure to restore the fertility of the soil & act as a fertiliser for plants.
  • Development of a farming systems based on 1 hectare of land to produce household food & income producing resources.
  • Selection of 10 families with 1 hectare of land for training in best practise agriculture & for the goat raising program

Noble Endeavour Newsletter March 2015_7


Goal: To create a sustainable Noble Endeavours family farming project within 12 months. This Sustainable Farming System has been developed at the Centre & is now being implemented by local families. Income will be generated from the following:

  • 32 Coconut trees planted to be harvested 4 times per year.
  • 135 Rubber trees to produce raw rubber for monthly sale
  • Goat and Goat Products
  • Hog Raising Project
  • Vegetable products from FAITH gardenFarm development at the Centre will be replicated in each of the 10 families and expanded to other families with at least 1 hectare of owned land. This will create small farming businesses that are capable of increased productivity which will provide additional income for the family. The programme can be expanded to other interested families in adjoining Barangays.

Noble Endeavour Newsletter March 2015_8Noble Endeavour Newsletter March 2015_9

Gifts over $2 to Global Development Group with a preference for project J490 (Noble Endeavours Community Development Project, Philippines) are tax deductible; any excess funds will go to other approved project activities. No non-development activities (welfare, political, evangelistic) are a part of or funded by this project.

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